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Extending the utility of apparel beyond clothing 

iT2 is a new global wearable communications solutions company.


We're uniting advanced fabric and apparel design with miniaturized personal communications technologies and on-body wireless networking. The result: novel wearable solutions based on an entirely new human-machine sensory interface.


We're leveraging proven personal communications technologies gained through the acquisition of Sonitus Technologies and the garment manufacturing expertise and established supply chain of Bluewater Defense. In doing so, iT2 is developing unified personal communications solutions for defense, commercial, and consumer markets that extend the utility of apparel beyond mere clothing.


iT2 has the domain expertise, extensive patent portfolio, and proven track record of supporting major customers, including the DoD for 33 years, required to build an industry leading company.


Rethinking human-machine interfaces

Interfaces to date have been application specific, singularly focused, and unintelligent. Prime examples are haptics/touch systems for typing on keyboards, tapping out instructions on smartphones, tablets, and watches, and for unlocking our cars. Voice interfaces for talking into phones and more recently for requesting information from services like Alexa. And, more immersive, attention demanding “heads-down” screen-based visual displays such as those used in popular online games.

What is needed is an entirely new approach, one that is:

  • intrinsically part of the user and the user experience

  • multi-modal, capable of serving numerous vital purposes

  • extendable and compatible with existing systems

  • intelligent, secure, and reliable in any scenario

  • producible in quantities great enough to make them commercially viable

iT2 is moving human-machine interfaces and autonomic communications systems forward to extend human capabilities. Just as we hail a cab and buy a book, a movie, or a pair of shoes have been redfined, we will redefine how we engage with each other, information, and machines through wearable communication technologies. Join us on the journey!


We increasingly are interacting with more and more digital machines, not merely to get more things done but to efficiently extend human capacity and potential in all aspects of our lives.  To optimize this moment, we need better human-machine interfaces and iT2 is ideally positioned to meet that need. Our established end-to-end global capabilities exemplify our abilities to innovate and execute.


Eric Spackey

Founder & Chairman


Molar Mic is the ultimate stealth communications device. It’s a combination hearable that requires no additional equipment in or on the ears, and a microphone that captures speech from inside your mouth – in even the harshest conditions, under water, down to a whisper, all rolled into one tiny wireless device.  It will one day provide a new source and exchange of biometric information that fills critical gaps that previously could not be addressed by conventional wearables.” 


Peter Hadrovic


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