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iT2 is extending human potential through wearable communications solutions

Personal, wearable, transparent computing is on the near horizon

iT2 intends to extend human capability through new wearable communications solutions.

With proven technology acquired from Sonitus Technologies, expertise in advanced apparel manufacturing and an established supply chain in Bluewater Defense, iT2 is well positioned as it enters the wearable communications market as a viable new entrant. Its innovation will place the company among a new wave of players that are re-defining how we communicate and engage with our digital and physical world, starting with people working in demanding, harsh environments. 

iT2 has the elements to succeed and is in a pivotal transition stage. 



Building the future on the present

The acquisition of Sonitus Technologies and its Molar Mic personal communications solution opens promising new horizons in personal, wearable, transparent computing.

Leveraging advanced hearing aid technology, this two-way communications platform features a sophisticated body sensing capability and utilizes an AES256 encrypted wireless network to secure all data. It seamlessly links communication and biometric data with existing communication infrastructure and devices. This complements and builds upon iT2’s foundational apparel capabilities. At the same time, iT2 will continue to support Sonitus’ industry relationships as well as ongoing and new contracts in the defense industry. 

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